Outdoor Fireplace Sold at Lowe's Recalled Due to Fire Hazard

If you can get over the initial confusion about a fireplace being recalled due to a fire hazard, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a voluntary recall today of some 20,000 Garden Treasure Living steel-framed outdoor wood-burning fireplaces sold at Lowe's Retail Stores from March to November, 2010. According to the CPSC the product has a decorative bronze powder coat finish on the chimney that poses a fire hazard during use. CPSC has 14 reports of this occurring with one report of melted siding. 

As with many recalled products, this one was manufactured in China, but has a U.S. manufacturer listed as Sunjoy Industries Group Limited of Steubenville, Ohio. The fireplace cost about $300 and the recalled product code can be found on the front page of the instruction manual -- item number 0027705 and model number L-OF082PFST-3. 

It is illegal to re-sell a recalled product. For a picture of the fireplace or more information, see the recall notice at


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