March 25, 2011 -- According to the U.S. Census Bureau the ten year span between 2000 and 2010 resulted in growth in the national population to 308,745,538 persons. Of this, 72.4 % are white, followed by 16.3% Hispanic or Latino and 12.8% Black or African American Origin. This represents only a 5.7% rise for Whites and a 43% rise for Hispanics and Latinos. In Texas there are some 25 million more people and approximately two-thirds of the growth is in the Hispanic community and has yielded a pickup of 4 Congressional seats for Texas.

With the new Census Data perhaps Congress and the Southern and Western States will become better advocates for the Hispanic community in areas such as Immigration Reform and the long sought passage of the Dream Act to allow a path of citizenship for those kids who graduate high school in the United States and for the most part have never known another home.

For Census Data indepth, follow the link below.



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